Dyrhólaey, Iceland

Sometimes the image is in the other direction. Sometimes, not that seldom actually, my favorite image from a specific location does not depict that location itself, but rather a more or less generic detail.

Close to the southernmost point of Iceland, there is a village called Vík. This is a popular stop thanks to the Hálsanefshellir cave and the Reynisdrangar sea stacks located at the site. However, when driving the road down towards the beach, it was the view in the other direction that caught my eye. So, Benny and I immediately started to walk along the lava sand beach towards the west, a kilometer or so.

On the other end of that beach, you find Dyrhólaey, which is a rocky peninsula, around 120 meters high. The end of the peninsula has an arch through it, and there is also a lighthouse.

Walking back along the beach we also got a nice view of the cave and sea stacks.

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