It's in the background

Right now it's the time of wood anemones here in southern Sweden. Messengers of spring, they are very welcome every year when they start to appear. And for someone into nature photography, spending some time with them feel like tradition.

When you look at a photograph, you often tend to pay attention to whatever is in focus. That is what you focus on, if you will. However, there is more to an image than the main subject. It may even be that in the eye of the creator of the image, what is perceived as the main subject is merely a focal point, something to support other details of the image.

This particular image is one of those where the wood anemone in focus was not the main attraction of the frame. I really like the shapes that can appear in the background, especially when they mirror or repeat something else within the frame. So when I was crawling around on the ground among the wood anemones today, what I was seeking when making this image was the "shadow" of the anemone that appears above the flower in focus. And I am quite happy with the result.

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