Jökulsárlón Beach I

So, if Jökulsárlón is an odd sight, with little icebergs floating in the lagoon, the beach next to it is doing its best to match the experience. When the icebergs leave the lagoon and go into the sea, some (if not all) of them are washed up onto the beach by the waves of the Atlantic. The black lava sand, the ice blocks, the waves, the combination of these elements creates something quite unique. We visited the beach twice: once during sunset after visiting the lagoon, and once at sunrise the next day. Unfortunately, at both occasions the cloud layer prevented us from getting the best light, so it was a bit of a photographic challenge.

During the evening visit the waves were somewhat unpredictable, with some reaching quite a bit further up on the beach than others, so you had to watch it so that you (and the camera) didn’t get completely soaked. Not all of us managed that.

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