Skógafoss, Iceland

For a number of weeks to come, not yet clear exactly how many but ten-ish or so, I will be posting an image a week from a recent trip to Iceland. This was my first, but not last, trip to Iceland, and I went there together with my friend Benny Olsson on a photo tour, guided by Tony Prower.

Going on a tour like that has some obvious ups and downs. On the positive side is that you go together with a person that has knowledge about locations, and also connections to arrange things that might have been hard to fix on your own. The downside is, of course, that there is a schedule of sorts (albeit fuzzy).

The images from Iceland will be presented sort of chronologically, as they were made over the tree-day trip.

Let's start the journey. This first image is from a quite famous waterfall, Skógafoss, with its rather majestic 60 meter drop. The image is taken from the hill side, with fulmars flying around along the rock walls. If you look closely in the image, you can see some white spots on the opposite wall, where they sit.

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