Some luck is part of the equation

There is this view that I pass by every morning on my way to work. Quite often I think that I should get up extra early some morning and go there, make something nice of it. I have done at some occasion before, but given how accessible it is for me, way to seldom.

One morning this week as I drove by, it looked extra nice. There was this fog lingering along the ground, the shrubs and trees on the soft hills peaking up above it. So I decided to make that morning visit the next day.

I got there shortly before sunrise, started framing the image I wanted. Did some exposures as the light changed. The light changes surprisingly fast around sunrise. I felt that I was going to get some nice images with me.

To some extent there is an element of luck in this, related to weather. The clouds need to be arranged in the right manner for the sun to interact with them in a good way during sunrise, and there should be no clouds blocking the sun itself, of course. But sometimes, luck just decides to make an extra effort for you.

As I am standing there, I see in the far end of the road, in the fog, a person coming leading a horse. "Oh, nice!" I think to myself, "that is a nice, extra element for the image, I hope they pass on the road in front of me". After a while it became evident to me that I was actually standing on the path they were aiming for, so I had to get out of their way. And I also realized that the added element with the woman and her horse turned out way better than my initial hope.

It was no luck involved in me being there at that moment, or in me being able to capture it. But luck sure provided me with that extra magic that made the image.

© 2021 - Fredrik Mörk