The Ice Cave

When we were travelling along the south coast of Iceland, the landscape shifted its character several times. All of the different kinds of landscapes had one thing in common though: they were quite unlike anything I am used to seeing. It was like travelling through an imaginary landscape in a fairy tale.

On the morning of our second day, our tour guide had arranged so that we could visit an ice cave. So, half an hour in a serious car along, well, not roads really, more a sort of path across the gravel field that leads up to the Vatnajökull glacier edge. Then a bit of a hike up along the edge, and then down into the glacier itself. If the views so far had been like in a fairy tale, what awaited here was downright surreal.

During the summers, water from the melting glacier creates tunnels. These tunnels are filled with meltwater during the summer. Towards the winter, when the glacier stops melting, these tunnels are emptied, and you can walk into them. It’s like nothing I have seen before.

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