The Icelandic waterfall source

When travelling past those majestic waterfalls, you may think about all the water that is falling down. The amount is staggering, and I remember thinking "how can there be so much water, where is it all coming from?". And then you see a satellite image of Iceland, with the enormous amounts of ice in the glaciers. The trip to the ice cave, as I wrote about last week, went into a melt-water tunnel inside the Vatnajökull glacier. We went there early in the morning, and when we came out again, climbing back over the glacier edge on our way back to the car, we were met by a nice sunrise.

As we were walking to and from the cave, the guides (from Glacier Adventure) were talking about the glacier and it was noted that had we visited the glacier one year ago, we would have met the edge earlier than we did this year, due to the glacier gradually melting and becoming smaller each year.

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