Vík, Iceland

One of the first posts from the Iceland trip was from a place called Vík, even though I chose to point my camera towards Dyrhólaey. On the final day of our trip when we were on our way back towards Reykjavik, we made another stop at Vík but a bit further to the east. It was getting dark, it was windy and cloudy. A good opportunity for black-and-white. And a tripod.

Prior to the trip I was slightly worried about clothing. Iceland in late November sounded slightly scary. I guess weather conditions can be a bit unpredictable, but I got the tip to prioritize wind-protection. Temperatures were circling around 0° C, and it was quite windy most of the time.

In hindsight I was very happy with my choice of clothes. I was typically wearing (from the inside and out) a layer of sports underclothing (long legs and sleeves), a t-shirt and jeans, a thin fleece jacket and wind-protected outdoor pants, and a wind- and fairly waterproof jacket. On the hands I was wearing two layers: first a thin wool finger glove, and on top of that a windproof mitten where the top can be flipped over so that the fingers come out, enabling me to operate the camera.

On the feet I was wearing two layers of socks (thin regular socks and slightly thicker wool socks), and then my (fat-saturated and essentially water-proof) leather/Gore-Tex boots. On the head I was wearing a warm beanie. This turned out to be a perfect amount of clothes most of the time, even a bit on the warm side at times.

After three intense days our photo trip was coming to an end. The amount of impressions was overwhelming, and I felt quite exhausted, in a good way. And I already knew that this is a place that I will need to come back to.

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